Fires can start at any time for various reasons, and fire watch security can help keep your business safe from destruction and your employees safe from serious physical harm. Fire watch security services may help you prevent fires from happening, or you can at least receive enough warning if a fire breaks out so that you have enough time to evacuate yourself and everyone else who's at your location before the fire gets out of control.

Where Fire Watch Security is Often Needed

Almost all businesses can benefit from fire watch security, but certain industries that are more prone to fire dangers may definitely benefit from these services. Fire watch security services are especially helpful for places like:

  • Residential and commercial complexes 
  • Construction sites
  • Health care centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Parking areas
  • Schools

A Trained Guard at Your Location

When you hire a fire watch security guard from a reputable fire watch security services provider, you can be sure that you'll be getting support from a licensed professional who has received the necessary training to keep you safe. The best guards know how to use different types of equipment to help them monitor premises more effectively. You should hire a fire watch guard who has experience in preventing fires for businesses that are within your specific industry. A guard who has additional emergency response training can be even more valuable to your company.

Preventative Measures Taken

A fire watch security guard can survey your premises to look for fire dangers that should be resolved to prevent fires. Smoke detectors and sprinklers can be checked to make sure that they are still in excellent working condition. The fire watch guard can also look for negligent actions among your employees, such as smoking in restricted areas or leaving combustible materials lying around, and notify you of these problems so that you can take the appropriate corrective measure. Any landscaping or trash disposal concerns that could start a fire can additionally be brought to your attention.

Helping Keep You Compliant

Your businesses may be required to follow certain compliance ordinances, and a fire guard can help you manage these responsibilities. The guard can keep inspection logs that may need to be submitted to insurance companies or governing bodies. Any required pre-shift or post-shift fire inspections can also be conducted so that your job site remains safe.

Assistance if a Fire Emergency Occurs

If a fire breaks out, a fire watch guard can sound an alarm and help with getting people out of the building or away from any other area on your property where a fire is occurring. A trained guard can provide additional help to people who need extra assistance to evacuate the premises safely. The guard can also notify the fire department quickly if your automated system fails to try to prevent as much fire damage as possible.

You'll have a better chance of keeping your business intact and safe from fires if you hire a professional fire watch guard to act as an extra set of eyes and ears on your premises. Fire watch security services are available to help businesses like yours stop fires before they happen.