If you're looking to improve the area around the front door of your home, one addition to consider is a security screen door. You can buy these doors at home supply stores and specialty door shops. Security screen doors are available in many different styles, making it easy to find something that will work for your home. Generally, these doors consist of a metal frame with a heavy metal screen in the middle. There are lots of benefits of installing this type of door in front of your home's existing door, including the following three points.

Increased Security

The main reason that most people install security screen doors is to provide more security for their homes. If you're worried about someone breaching the front door and gaining entrance into your home, the presence of a security screen door can help in this regard. For example, if your main front door has a window and you worry about someone breaking the window and then reaching in to unlock the door, the security door in front of the window would prevent such an action. It provides an extra deterrent against break-ins and home invasions. If a determined individual were to attempt to break through this door and your home's main front door, they'd either be unable to do so or it would take so long that you'd be able to call the authorities or prepare to defend yourself.

Fresh Air And Sunlight

Fresh air and sunlight are two things that people enjoy having in their homes. Unfortunately, when you keep your primary front door shut at all times for security purposes, you won't get any airflow in this area. Unless the door has a large window, you won't get sunlight in this part of your home, either. Having a security screen door in place will allow you to keep this door latched but open the main door. This will encourage the flow of fresh air and sunlight, all without compromising your security.


You'll find that a lot of security screen doors have a stylish look. Even if their main purpose is security, these doors can be a visual asset to the front of your home. For example, many of these doors have curved metal in front of the screens that not only looks nice but also provides an added level of security. If your primary front door has a bland look, you may find that installing a security screen door in front of it does a lot for the residence's curb appeal. Learn more about security screen doors at a screen door retailer, such as Guardian Security Screens.