When you run a retail store or restaurant, you'll often prepare for Halloween by decorating your location extensively. Another thing that you should be thinking about in advance of this October celebration is hiring security for your business. Even if you don't use a local security company at other times of the year, Halloween can be an occasion for which security will come in handy. The security company will assess the size of your store or restaurant and suggest how many security officers would be advisable. Here are some ways that on-site security will be beneficial.

Assessing Peoples' Costumes

If you anticipate that people will visit your business dressed in costumes — something that will often be the case for restaurants — your security professionals can assess these individuals to determine that they're dressed appropriately. Some peoples' Halloween costumes can be inappropriate in a variety of ways, and you may not want these individuals in your business. For example, you might ask your security officers to prevent those with revealing costumes from entering. Similarly, your officers can also restrict access to people with offensive costumes that could upset some of your patrons.

Dealing With Intoxicated Individuals

Many people consume alcohol at Halloween parties, and you don't want those who are intoxicated to be able to enter your business. If you run a restaurant that is open late, some people may attempt to visit your establishment while under the influence of alcohol after leaving a Halloween gathering. It can be challenging for your staff to keep such individuals out of the building, but this is a job that your security officers can perform with ease. Ensuring that such individuals aren't able to enter will lower the risk of problems in your establishment.

Preventing Vandalism

For some people, committing acts of vandalism is popular on Halloween. Throwing eggs, breaking windows, and other similar acts can all be highly disruptive to your business. If you're worried that people may target your business, on-site security can help. Even after your business closes for the night, one or more security guards can remain on the premises — perhaps parked in a marked security vehicle in your parking lot — to discourage anyone who may be thinking of using Halloween as an excuse to cause trouble. Get in touch with a local security company to learn more about what its security guards can do for you on Halloween.