How visible should your convention or trade show security be? The answer is that it often needs more visibility than you might think. Here's what you need to know to find the right mix of visible and 'behind the scenes' security at your big show. 

Why Is Visible Security Valuable?

The value of visible security is twofold. First, it discourages troublemakers. Someone who might consider pilfering from the registration table's cash drawers is likely turned off when they see security officers watching the area and cameras trained on the registration area. Likewise, an 'authorized personnel only' door with a camera is less of a temptation than one where no preventative measures seem to exist. 

The second benefit of visible security is to give peace of mind to attendees. In an era of anxiety overly large crowds, frightening stories in the news, and worry about strangers' behavior, guests appreciate the sense of protection given when they see you have prioritized their safety, 

How Can You Increase Visible Security?

Visible security takes many forms. It includes uniformed security officers — both armed and unarmed — patrolling and guarding designated high-risk locations. You may also use monitored cameras, security checkpoints, bag checks, locked doors and cabinets, identification badges, color-coded access bands, and crowd control in interior venues. 

To increase visible security measures, you might intentionally swap out more obvious choices for less obvious ones. For instance, you could opt for uniformed security rather than those in plain clothes. Security staff at the door of an event might take the place of a locked door. Or convention staff and volunteers might be asked to wear picture identification at all times. 

Where Should Security Be Less Visible?

Of course, not all security should be made obvious to attendees. If you host a private event during the convention, extra security efforts around it could draw unwanted attention. Similarly, visible security measures around the room where cash is counted could also make it a target. 

Even when you do add visible security, this should not be your only measure. While uniformed security patrols provide a public show of security, you might also enlist some non-uniformed experts to wander in the crowd and assess it from another angle. 

How Can You Learn More?

Do you want to learn more ways to make clear to attendees that your convention values their security? Start by consulting with an experienced event security service in your area today.