When you have chosen to install a security camera system, you have chosen to take a big step toward making your business much more secure. Not only can a security camera act as a deterrent but will also help you bring repeat offenders to justice when they keep stealing from your store. However, your camera system will only be effective if you implement it in the right way.

Planning is Essential

Security cameras often seem self-explanatory and businesses will often install cameras without planning out exactly how they will need to have their cameras implemented. Fortunately, if you speak to a security camera company, you will be able to perform a security needs assessment to determine what the needs are of your business. By speaking to professionals, you will be able to receive an outside perspective. If you already have security cameras installed, a security assessment will still allow you to determine if your cameras are meeting your current needs.

For example, you may need cameras that are able to read faces and license plate numbers but your current cameras are not able to record at a high enough resolution. There is no single camera that can accomplish all tasks. 

Don't Have One Camera Perform the Work of Two

To save money you might be tempted to position one camera in a location where you believe it will cover enough of your property but a professional might argue that your single camera isn't enough to get the job done. It's better to purchase an extra camera so that criminals will not find a way to maneuver around your cameras to avoid being spotted. 

Have a Plan for How Your Data Will Be Stored

A camera is useless unless you have a plan for how your data will be stored and have enough storage space for all of your recordings. If you will be using analog cameras, your footage will be stored in a physical location. However, if you are using IP cameras, your footage will be stored digitally. The storage approach you will use will be based on how many cameras you will be using and where you plan on storing the footage.

Don't Set and Forget Your Cameras

Evaluate your cameras periodically to make sure that they are currently meeting your needs. If your cameras are not meeting your needs, you may end up having gaps in your security that you're not aware of. Contact us to learn more about our camera systems for businesses.