When you work as an armed security guard, it's likely that you keep your firearm in a holster on your waist. However, you may also choose to carry a second firearm in an ankle holster. Many security officers who carry a concealed weapon opt for doing so in an ankle holster, but there are several considerations about this style of holster for you to think about before you go this route. Here are three such factors.

Preferred Shoes

If you're thinking about wearing a firearm in an ankle holster, you'll need to consider why type of shoes you commonly wear. Tall boots, which you may wear with a tactical uniform, are generally a bad idea if you wish to use an ankle holster; the height of the boots can force you to attach the holster higher up your leg than is ideal, which can impede your ability to draw the weapon. Additionally, many ankle holsters have smaller straps, which can make it difficult or uncomfortable to wear the holster higher. Ankle holsters are suitable for the standard shoes or short boots that are likely a mandated part of your security uniform.

Style Of Pants

You'll also need to think about the pants you often wear if you're considering an ankle holster. Generally, you'll want pants that are on the longer side and that are roomy enough that they won't interfere with the holster. When you're getting fitted for different uniform pants, you should make sure that they touch the tops of your shoes; this will help to hide the holster and firearm at your ankle. Don't opt for pants that are on the tighter side, as they'll not only show the outline of your ankle holster and secondary firearm, but also make it difficult to draw.

Body Positioning

Think about how you position your legs throughout your security shift. For example, if you spend part of your shift riding in a security cart, assess how your legs will be when they're bent. If your pants are apt to slide up enough to reveal your firearm in its ankle holster, this is probably not what you want — after all, you're likely choosing to carry a secondary firearm without people knowing. However, if you spend most of your time when you're out of the house in an upright manner that wouldn't allow an ankle holster to be exposed, this style of holster might be the right choice for you.