Increase the overall effectiveness of your mobile security officers by establishing a clear route, having defined checkpoints, and an accountability system in place for your mobile security officers.

#1 Establish A Clear Route

The first thing that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your mobile security officers is to make sure that you are creating clear patrol routes. Each officer should know at the start of their shift what their patrol route will be. They should know where they are supposed to be, at what time and what specific areas that they are supposed to check. They should also know what specific actions you want them to take in each area they check.

Do you want them to check the ground? Do you want them to open the bins and make sure no one is around the dumpsters? Do you want them to check the rooftops? Let them know the specific security concerns you have for each area of their route.

You don't want your security officers' routes to be too predictable, so you should come up with a variety of different routes that your mobile security officers may be assigned to, to create variety and make security less predictable for anyone who is watching closely.

#2 Have Clear Checkpoints

Second, when creating patrol routes, you need to make sure there are secure checkpoints along the route for your security guards to access. Checkpoints are places that should be safe for the security guard if they are ever feeling threatened. Each checkpoint on a patrol route should be somewhere they can go where they are not exposed to any more risk. They should also be easy for your security guards to access, especially as this is where they should head if they ever feel that they are in danger and need to retreat.

Additionally, checkpoints should be safe places for your mobile security officers to head to if severe weather strikes. For example, if a big thunderstorm rolls through, the security officers on patrol should be able to get to the checkpoint and stay there safely until the storm has passed.

#3 Accountability System

Finally, make sure that you have an accountability system established with your mobile security patrol unit. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is easy to provide your security guards with work-specific mobile devices they can use while on patrol to check in. You can use specific guard applications and software on these devices so that your security guards can let you know where they are at and what they see. These devices should also work as a two-way form of communication, so your central control can get a hold of guards while on duty and vice-versa should the need arise.

Increase the effectiveness of your mobile security guards by creating a variety of different well-thought out and planned security routes that include secure checkpoints and a mobile accountability and reporting system. For more information, contact a support service like Axios Security Consultants.