Having secure doors throughout your business is an essential aspect of minimizing the risk of your business falling victim to crime or corporate espionage. Unfortunately, the variety of different locking systems can make it rather difficult for managers and owners to decide on the best locking system for their needs.

Code-Based Locking Systems

Code-based locks will have a number pad on them so that a key code can be inputted. These codes will have the advantage of being highly customizable. For example, you can designate an employees code to only unlock specific doors, and this can help prevent unauthorized access. These locks will have fairly intensive maintenance requirements they will need to be regularly cleaned to prevent the buttons from becoming jammed or otherwise unresponsive.

Magnetic Cards

Magnetic cards can be another commonly used locking system as employees will need to pass their identification cards in front of a special scanner. Unfortunately, these cards will have the security risk of being lost or stolen. However, it is fairly simple to cancel the previous card and issue a new one when this issue is noticed. For those that are uncomfortable with using these locks for the exterior of the building, they can make an excellent option for managing the internal flow of traffic throughout the interior of your building.

Biometric Scanners

For those that are wanting extremely secure locking systems, it is possible to opt for biometric-based systems. When using this type of locking system, the employee will need to provide a fingerprint or retina scans. A key advantage of this type of system is that it will require the employee to be present in order to unlock the door. Also, it will be easy to revoke an employee's authorization without having to worry about unauthorized copies being made of keys or magnetic cards. To avoid employees encountering problems, you will want to provide training so that employees are familiar with basic usage and troubleshooting for the scanners for these locks. For example, it can be possible for a dirty scanner lens to deny an employee access due to faulty readings.

Traditional Locks

Traditional locks can be one of the more commonly used options for businesses. However, these locks can be among the least secure. It can be possible for criminals to pick the locks or to otherwise bypass the locks. Additionally, they will require more intensive maintenance as they can be prone to suffering corrosion and other performance compromising problems.

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