When you hire a security company to patrol your office complex, you can be confident that your staff, customers, and property will be kept safe around the clock. While you might simply want to let these professionals do their thing, it doesn't hurt to also give the officers some suggestions on things that you want them to assess while they're on patrol. By providing these suggestions, you'll be taking a proactive role in augmenting the safety of your property and those who work on it. Here are some things that you may wish to have your security staff check.

Computer Security

If your employees handle information of a sensitive nature, you likely want them to lock their computers when they step away from their desks. Although most employees will follow this directive, not everyone will. One way to reinforce the importance of doing so is to have the security staff who patrol indoors look for accessible and unoccupied computers. At some companies, security staff will be equipped with small sticky notes that they can leave as a reminder at the desk of the person who failed to lock his or her computer.

Vehicle Security

Ideally, each employee will lock his or her vehicle upon arriving at work each morning. However, those who may be rushing into work or have many things on their mind could forget to do so. You may wish to have your office's security personnel patrol through the parking lot to check the security of the vehicles parked there. Security personnel can identify any vehicles that appear to be unlocked, and then make contact with the owner so he or she can fix the problem. Additionally, security staff can keep their eyes open for things such as vehicles left running.

Potential Risks For Visitors

You never want anyone to get hurt on your property, especially if the victim is a customer. You should empower your security officers, such as those from A P I Security, to always be on the lookout for potential security risks of visitors. This list could include simple things such as a light burned out in the parking lot that makes tripping more likely, or a slippery area on the front walkway during the winter months. The officer who identifies such issues can then report them to you, and you'll be able to take the necessary steps to correct the problem swiftly. If you have any additional things that you want your officers to check during their patrols, you shouldn't hesitate to ask.